Why Schoolyards Needs Improvements

Gone are the old concepts that once a school yard is built, it stands till eternity. The modern concept of the school playground is one that evolves with the changing student body most of the time. This involves redesign and rework to make it suited to the times and purposes of the moment. Most schools are hard pressed for funds to do up the school yard as it is often a low priority area as compared to the more academically inclined needs.

Safety and health issues

The school play yard must be free from hazardous material and should not be used as a dumping ground for any sort of material.  Often since the yards make up an open space, there is a tendency to utilize the area for meetings and get together. No harm as such for this but it must be noted that there is bound to be rubbish and left over debris after such interactions and it needs to be cleaned up.

A strong sense of well being is brought about if the school yard is free of stagnant water at all times. It is understood that the rainy season does bring copious rainfall most of the time to most places, but there must be sufficient space for the water to flow off the space and in quick time too.


A great deal of thought is given to designing the entrances and pathways that link the school yards. The social trend these days is to allow even the people with disabilities to enter freely into the grounds at any time. One of the emerging trends is to centralize the location of the school grounds such that it is accessible to the most folks during the school timings.

Making the school ground accessible to all might not be such an issue for the most schools of the day. But it is quite possible that some folks might need the extra care in positioning themselves during times of entry to the school and the yards.


It is the wrong concept that landscaping of school and its yards are only about making things presentable to the users. Often a good landscaper tends to strengthen some of the more noticeable qualities in a school yard and to make it accessible to the most number of students.

With the proper use of landscaping, it is possible to in fact set out the school yard to more than the area that it covers. At the same time, it is possible to make out a compact layout so that people are not given to feel that they are in such a large area of the school.


Design concepts keep changing from time to time and with school yards as well. The active school management must be prepared to include the most pressing changes to the fields and buildings around the yard to make it relevant to the learning methods of the times. The best use of the school yards are when the complete use of the same is done and in a scientific manner too.

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